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Let’s Be Millionaires covers a variety of topics. Personal Finance, how to Make Money, and how to Save Money are solid places to start. Investment Types and Investment Accounts are great for readers looking to put their money to work. Lastly the Let’s Be Millionaires  Investment Series and LBM Journal house more exclusive and unique content.


If you’re reading this I can only assume one thing: you want to be a millionaire.

My name is George Robertson and I am here to do something for my readers that can’t be found anywhere else.

I am here to chronicle my journey to being a millionaire AS IT HAPPENS, and I am inviting you to join me.

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Anyone can become a millionaire. For most people it will take hard work and making the right financial decisions.

By subscribing to my blog you will become familiar with the three main areas you need to master to become a millionaire: Increasing income, managing spending and investing.

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So come along with me and let’s be millionaires.


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Increase Income

For most people the first step on the journey to becoming a millionaire is generating income. Here we talk about all the ways you can increase your income.


Which ways will you choose?

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Manage Spending

Once you have an income the next critical step on the journey to your first million is understanding your spending habits. What life-hacks are you missing that could save you $1000’s of dollars?


How will you save more money?

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If you really want to be a Millionaire then you should start investing like one. Find out the latest tips on how to make the most of the financial resources that are available to you.


What investment strategies will you follow?