A Quick Guide For Investing With Acorns

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What is Acorns?

Acorns is a micro-investing app that has expanded to cover other facets of personal finance, offering retirement accounts and checking accounts.

Micro-investing is a recent trend based on the idea that saving even very small amounts of money can add up to something big. It also is generating more participation in investing from people who may think “things are a bit too tight for me to put aside hundreds of dollars, but sure, I’ll round up my purchases to the nearest dollar and invest that in my future.”

Acorns Has 3 Ways To Get Money Invested Into Your Account

Acorns is all about you setting aside money into a balanced portfolio and letting it grow. There are 3 main ways to get dollars into your Acorns account and I will describe them each for you here.

1. Found Money

The first way to get money invested in your Acorns account, and my personal favorite, is called found money. Acorns has partnered with tons of businesses and each business has agreed to invest in your Acorns account when you make a purchase or complete some other offer.

For example, Airbnb has at different points offered invest $200 into the Acorns account of anyone who signs up as a host and completes their first night of renting out their place.

There are also other examples like Texaco recently offering to invest $1 into your account each time you spent more than $20 at the pump at one of their gas stations.

I love opportunities like this where I can earn additional money on things that I was going to buy anyways.


This method of contributing is pretty self explanatory. Acorns users can link various cards and accounts. Acorns will then “round-up” each purchase you make to the nearest dollar amount and invest it for you should you decide to activate this contribution method.

Round-ups are basically a really nice way to invest without even noticing.

Recurring Contributions

The third way to add money to Acorns is making contributions. These can be made on a one time basis, or set up to recur each day, week, or month.

I personally have a $50 weekly recurring contribution that makes its way to Acorns.

Here’s how my account is looking with less than a year of making that weekly contribution.

Setting up Acorns

If you want to get started with Acorns, the process is fairly simple.

First, click here to sign and receive your $5 of bonus cash.

Second, decide what kind(s) of contributions you want to make (round-ups, recurring contributions, a one-time contribution).

Lastly, answer a few questions about your risk tolerance and investment goals and pick the best portfolio for you. After that, you really do not need to do anything.

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