Finding Your First, Second Income

At Let’s Be Millionaires we aren’t just trying to become millionaires at some point, we’d like to do so as quickly as possible. One of the best ways to become a millionaire faster is adding a secondary income.

When I started working full time back in July I ended up falling into a routine that got monotonous very quickly. Work, gym, eat, Netflix, sleep and repeat. Those five things pretty much encompassed my entire life Monday-Friday.

What was weird for me was the amount of time I found myself watching Netflix. As a recent graduate I was accustomed to always having something social to do, or at least some homework (I definitely don’t miss that part).This caused me to start feeling worse and worse about myself because I just couldn’t stand the amount of time I was spending going nowhere.

I Stopped Watching Netflix

I usually make it home by around 6pm Monday-Friday and go to sleep around midnight. That gives me an extra 36 hours on weekdays and if we count 12 hours each for Saturdays and Sundays that gives me 60 hours that I now had at my disposal, and I wasn’t about to let Netflix take any of them away. Obviously the hours were always there, I had just never seen things that way. Time is money as they say, and I was ready to start exchanging mine instead of wasting it.

Find What You Are Passionate About

The biggest piece of advice I have around your second income is to find something you actually like doing. Leave the compromising for your real job (ha! I’m sure nobody reading this sacrificed enjoyment for money). After a long day at work you should be able to come home and do something you enjoy, all while making money!

Seriously, this is the 21st century. The internet has made it easier than ever to do things you love for money.

Love dogs? Then sign up to be a dog walker on either Rover or the Wag! app (wait I get paid to get my dog fix? yep.)

Good with kids? Be a part time babysitter! Not sure where to start? Try Urbansitter.

Like arts and crafts? Sell your arts and crafts on Etsy.

Love Netflix and think i’m crazy for giving it up? Get paid to mindlessly fill out surveys or shop online with services like Swagbucks. Seriously, its dumb how easy that is. Sign up with through this link and use code “ChaChing70” to get 70 Swagbucks(SB) instantly!

Are you a smarty pants who happened to be good at some sort of class? Be a tutor! (Spoiler alert, this is my second income) Varsity Tutors is a phenomenal online platform for tutors that allows you to make 15-25 dollars an hour all from the comfort of your home which saves a ton on travel expenses.

Check out my in-depth review of the platform here. Right now if you are referred by a current tutor you are eligible for a $40 bonus right away, or $80 if you are qualified to tutor ACT, SAT, Algebra, Calculus 1, or Statistics. Luckily, if you’re reading my blog then you’ve obviously got your head on straight and I’m happy to refer you. Just click here to sign up with my referral and get $40 or $80 for free.

What Are You Waiting For?

Millionaires recognize that their time is valuable. Hopefully this post has given you some ideas for how to make more money with your free time, and hey, even if you can’t give up Netflix there’s always Swagbucks. Don’t waste another second. Start making your second income today and bring that millionaire status even closer to a reality!

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