Hail Mary, A Let’s Be Millionaires Investment Series

I am excited to announce that I will be releasing a new series on Let’s Be Millionaires called the Hail Mary Investment Series. In order to deliver on my promise of taking my readers along with me on my financial journey I have decided to create this series.

What Will The Hail Mary Investment Series Involve?

In order to force myself to keep my spending in check and my secondary streams of income flowing, I am committed to investing $26,000 in 2018, in addition to the contributions I will make to my 401(k) and my Roth IRA.

I have decided to call it the “Hail Mary Investment Series” because the investments I pick will contain a high degree of risk. These picks will be individual companies or investments instead of index funds.

The structure of these investments will be as follows.

Bi-Weekly Investments and Posts

Each and every time I receive a bi-weekly paycheck I will take $1,000 of that paycheck and put it all into one investment. I will disclose the investment I choose in each update.

This means that the 2018 series will contain 26 picks and $26,000 worth of initial investments during the 2018 calendar year.


For each bi-weekly investment I make I will add some information about the company or asset that I have chosen to invest in. I will also give my reasoning for the investment and hopes/expectations for the future.

Monthly Performance Updates

All of the funds I invest for this series will be placed into an account of their own. Each month I will post screenshots of the account and highlight some of the best and worst performers over that period of time. Regular readers will be able to watch first hand as we grow an account from zero to one hundred (thousand), real quick.

Purpose Of The Series

The purpose of this series IS NOT to offer any sort of investment advice. Do not forget that the only reason that I am investing in these alternative, and sometimes extremely risky investments is because I already max out my annual contributions to my 401(k) and my Roth IRA. If you are not sure where you should focus your personal finance efforts right now just refer to The Hierarchy of Personal Finance Needs.

The purpose IS to create investment awareness and a community of people interested in learning about and participating in investing as an activity.

Content Access

Subscribers will be the first to receive the content of this series and will know what I have decided to invest in the same day that I invest. I’d say an email address for insight into my personal investment account is not a bad trade. If you are not yet one of the many people subscribed to Let’s Be Millionaires then no problem! Just click here to subscribe.

Social media followers will be informed of the decision 72 hours after subscribers have been informed.

Thanks for reading. I am extremely excited to get started with this series and look forward to my first post and $1,000 investment on January 5th.

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