2018 Investment Series Quarter 2 Performance Update

As you are likely aware, every other week I have been picking a company to invest $1000 in as a part of the Let’s Be Millionaires, hail Mary investment series. What follows is an update covering the performance of these picks from January until now (this post was written July 1st, 2018).

In The Green

The Hail Mary portfolio made a comeback in the second quarter to finish in the green. On the whole my 13 picks have appreciated .66% or $85.36. The total return of the account is slightly higher at $95.86 due to $10.50 worth of dividends. While this result is by no means amazing, it is a strong improvement over the Q1 results.

Winners and Losers

Currently 6 of my picks are positive and 7 are negative.

Achaogen Inc. (AKAO) is currently the portfolio’s biggest loser with Snapchat (SNAP) and Wisdom Tree Investments (WETF) close behind. Recently Achaogen Inc. had one of their drugs rejected by the FDA, causing the stock to tank 25% in one day.

The biggest story of the quarter though has been Contango Oil and Gas (MCF). MCF stock was my biggest winner last quarter but back then it was up just 7%. Now, at the end of Q2 MCF stock is up nearly 75% from where I purchased it. This great performance is a big part of the portfolio’s recovery into green territory.

The Takeaway

The 2018 Investment Series is officially halfway over. I have had a blast researching new companies and watching the ups and downs of my holdings. It is also really cool to see this account that used to be empty holding $13,095.86 worth of assets half a year later. It gives me great satisfaction to have saved and invested that much money in half a year’s time and this satisfaction is what helps me to continue making smart financial decisions in my day to day life.

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