The Money Saving App Every Online Shopper Needs

The Problem

Have you ever bought something just to see it go on sale the next week? I know I have. Did you know that a lot of companies have refund policies where they will refund the difference between your purchase price and the sale price? While that is great and all, nobody actually has the time to pay attention to every little thing they buy to see if it goes on sale later.

The Solution: Paribus

Paribus is a platform that seamlessly tracks all of your online purchases through email receipts. Paribus gathers your e-reciepts and then monitors the price of each item you bought, from each company you bought it from. If the company puts the item on sale, Paribus claims the refund on your behalf and you receive the full refund check.

The crazy thing for me to imagine is that, yes, I have noticed some times where I bought something and it later went on sale, but how many times has that happened and I have just completely missed it?

Save On Autopilot

paribus phone display

By having Paribus you can sit back as any refunds you are owed roll in. Being a part of Paribus is really a no-brainer, and if you are concerned about email privacy then just make a new email address that you use for all your online purchases and keep your personal email separate.

They’ll even get you refunds for shipping fees if a retailer delivers later than promised! Something that always seems to happen when it is least convenient.

Closing Thoughts

Paribus has gotten consumers like you and I $6.5 Million worth of refunds since its inception. Seeing as the service is completely free and just requires you to set up an account, I feel like it is a great addition to anyone’s savings toolbox. This is especially true if you are someone who shops online. If you’re interested in checking them out just click here to head over to the Paribus website.

Still not convinced? Here are all of the stores that they are already tracking and issuing refunds for.

Paribus Refund Stores 1

Paribus Refund Stores 2


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